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Change can be an opportunity for success.


Sometimes it’s a transition that flows easily from one chapter to the next. Other times, it can be a tumultuous ride brought about by changes in the market, the industry, or challenges unique to your business. Whether it’s transaction support, raising capital, strategic planning, or change management, we provide the experience and support needed to efficiently guide you through the process of change.

Transactional Readiness & Support

Our partners have been in the helm of companies that have been acquired, as well as led the purchase of companies. So we understand the need for transactional readiness and support from both sides of the transaction, as well as maximizing the value for the benefit of the owner, founder and family ownership giving us unique insight into mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, preparation for IPO and deal structuring.

Strategic Planning & Transitional Support

When a company is in transition, there is often an underlying uncertainty that can permeate every department. We provide strategic initiatives and transitional support to make the process go much more smoothly, reassure staff, and work closely with Board members and other stakeholders to review how the strategy impacts governance and operations, and how a new, better defined corporate culture can arise as a result.

Post Merger Integration

Because we’ve been professionally involved in the purchase and sale of more than 20 companies, we are well versed on how to make the transition and maximize value as quickly as possible. We know how to reorganize facets of a firm, whether a company is being kept whole or broken up, to create a whole new functional, efficient structure.

Interim Management 

Whether yours is a family owned business or a multi-national, publicly traded firm, we can provide a senior level of operational and financial understanding needed to get you through challenges facing a lean executive team. We can typically jump in within a day of your call and start identifying gaps in management and project bottlenecks that must be solved to open new opportunities.

Process & Profit Improvement

There is much more to process and profit improvement than just cost containment. We delve into issues such as growth planning, whether or not you have the right processes in place to serve your customers, and other operational considerations that can hinder or accelerate process and profit improvements. Our “Business Accelerator Initiative” program helps companies of all sizes.

Outsourced Services

Group125 provides early-stage growth companies with a broad range of outsourced services. We offer cost effective services, which deliver a high return on investment resources that accelerate growth and enable agile success. Often times, a short term outsourced for your company is the best.


For more information about our service offerings and value add, please reach out for an obligation-free consultation call to see if Group125 has the right fit for your business. Check out more of our successes here.