Helping Companies Succeed

Group125 Capital

Group125 invests in businesses and potential.


We have the know-how and the means to generate greater success.

We have the unique ability to put our money where our mouths are and help some of the companies we serve as well as many we don’t serve, to secure venture or growth capital. We’ve been on both sides of the transaction, dozens of times, which leads us to blend investment strategies with market knowledge and industry insight, helping to ensure that we all reach our definition of success. Maybe it’s an outright purchase, or maybe it’s an infusion of fresh funding that we then help the company manage. Plus, because of nearly five decades of collective experience, we network with investors who trust our assessment and can step in to make the deal. Whether it’s a promising buy, sell or growth situation, we can often provide access to the funding to make it happen.


Investment Structure – Each investment situation is unique, requiring experience and flexibility to arrive at the right structure. They can take the form of new common equity, preferred stock, subordinated debt, or the purchase of debt and securities from existing company lenders or investors. Another option is majority and strong minority investments. In all investments we structure, we bring together the Board and all other stakeholders to help forge our strategic direction.

Transaction Type – We routinely complete the most common transaction types. These include recapitalization to provide a partial liquidity to owners so they can diversify their net worth, management buyout to help an incumbent management team acquire a business from its current owner, management buy-in to assist an experienced, capable manager become an equity stakeholder, and family succession capitalization, where a company is passed from one generation to the next for the benefit of all.

Investment Criteria– There are many things we look for when making investments. A sustainable competitive advantage and a favorable market that is large enough to accommodate desired growth. And of course, we look for companies with sound business models that have significant opportunities like being able to scale up without a substantial increase in fixed costs for capital expenditures, and are able to provide recurring revenue.